AI Innovation

Work closely with you,
to help you in the execution
of the machine learning process cycle.

Harness the power of AI to stand out and make smarter use of your data.

Break into AI

Data Science Roadmap and Strategy

Setting a roadmap to develop a data-driven product and setting an optimal strategy. We work closely with you, design the architecture and processes required.


Machine Learning and Deep Learning research, from state of the art algorithms to solution implementation.

Hire development team

Build and hire a dedicated development team responsible for data-driven features’ production.
Manage/ guide a broader team to achieve exponential progress and scale.


Innovative ideation; IP creation.
Designed to experiment with companies datasets and dig into state-of-the-art models to craft highly-specialized applications.
Customized to individual business objectives.

Due Diligence for Investors and VCs

According to a recent study, 90% of AI startups in 2018 (still) do not have functioning AI, let alone viable code.
Audit and evaluate the AI/ML/DL technology at the various startups that come into contact with you.


In-house AI education, executive programs, and AI product mentorship.

Case studies

A non-exhaustive list of companies' innovative features:

  • Develop long/short-term prediction models that provide insight into your customers and help optimize spend (customer lifetime value, churn, etc.)
  • Build a data science/research team responsible for developing data-driven products from scratch and achieve exponential progress and scale
  • Oversee the day-to-day operations of the team and cross-functional partners in product, engineering, marketing, finance, and operations to achieve business goals and develop the strategy for impact
  • Collaborate with leaders to build a data-informed business strategy and roadmaps and prioritization

AI development cycle

Source and prepare your data

Code your model

Train, evaluate and tune your model

Get predictions from your model

Monitor the ongoing predictions


Tal is an AI specialist, seasoned consultant, business owner, a startups’ mentor and a researcher with proven experience identifying and addressing a company’s needs through leading the design, research, and evaluation of the next generation high performing machine learning algorithms.

She has a multi-disciplinary background and recognizes a broad business picture while diving into the finer details. Her work for over 9 years is diverse from solving problems in Algo-trading to building a Deep learning music recommendation engine. Her passion to solve challenging problems has led her to contribute successfully to many industry leaders.

Whether you want to develop top-notch AI algorithms or build a data-driven company, I will guide you and teach you the AI key concepts, from inception through implementation.


If you need me, say hello